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Every Year, there are thousands of people who can afford the cost of homeownership but can’t get a mortgage.

Almost Home Financial offers a path for home-buyers to become mortgage-ready within six months, by providing an injection of shared equity capital to resolve credit, debt and savings hurdles, as well as a personalized playbook to provide step-by-step instructions, encourage progress and track milestones.


Almost Home addresses the needs of working families who can afford the costs of home ownership but are denied access to a mortgage. These are consumers who are financially stable but stuck because they have credit and debt deficiencies that cannot be resolved with budgeting and counseling alone.

Shifting economic trends in the last 30 years have created an inefficiency in the marketplace so that underwriting policies are inadvertently excluding quality borrowers. For working families, stagnant wages and reduced employer benefits, combined with easy access to credit within an opaque credit scoring system has resulted in an inability to:

  • save for a sufficient down payment,

  • reduce debt or

  • take action on credit report issues.

What if we could expand the volume of mortgage originations by identifying the responsible borrowers and providing them with a way to resolve their credit profile?

Almost Home Financial is designing solutions to address consumer needs, correct market inefficiencies and change the trajectory of wealth-building for working families.